new Encebe branding:
delicious on a daily basis


Encebe launched its new branding and visual identity. The pay-off: ‘Delicious on a daily basis’. This is done, among other things, via the website and social media. Product manager Koen van Dommelen explains how the new identity came about and why.

Encebe has been active in the market for almost a hundred years. To face the future with confidence, Encebe started a turnaround project in January 2021. The goal: to put Encebe on the map as a leading deli meats producer. Taste plays an important role in this, so the pay-off ‘Delicious on a daily basis’ fits in with this seamlessly. “We can see, for example, how well our organic deli products are valued at Dutch retailer Albert Heijn, which shows us that we are on the right track,” says Koen. “Encebe has a good story and we want to load that even further through our new branding.”

Logo and core values

The Encebe logo has been refreshed and modernised, “but we have remained true to our origins”, Koen shows. “The letters NCB in green refer to the company’s history. In addition, we have clearly stated our core values: we are reliable, curious, we get it done and we are connected. All this means that we keep our promises, we are continuously working on product development, consumer trends and innovation and are always in touch with our customers, consumers and the chain. In the chain, we give our farmers a face and we contribute to optimal value. Adding value is becoming more and more important than just producing volume. We also play a role from farm to fork; we are part of Balanced Chains and thus contribute to Vion’s business strategy.”

Icons and new products

Encebe produces Dutch ‘icons’, such as luncheon meat, but these icons are subject to the wishes of the consumer. “This means that there is more focus on organic and vegan, sustainability and an improvement in nutritional value,” explains Koen. “We also make completely new products that have a higher value, such as our successful vegan deli products.”

Position in society

Finally, with four pillars, Encebe also positions itself very clearly in relation to today’s society. Koen: “From Balanced Chains, a sustainable future, our role in Dutch food culture and improving the quality of products together with retailers and continuously identifying trends, Encebe continues to improve itself!”