plant-based and delicious


our plant-based products

Though we’ve been producing our deli icons for almost a century. We also want to play our role in a sustainable future. Our new assortment of plant-based products helps supermarkets to cater to changing consumer needs.


our sliced plant-based assortment

Our sliced plant-based deli products are based on soy protein. The high protein content in combination with the right herbs and spices and added vitamin B12 provide consumers with everything they need to substitute their regular deli meats for a more sustainable alternative. Without compromising on flavour!


plant-based carpaccio

This 100% plant based carpaccio with grater, pine nuts and basil dressing is fresh and has a delicious basil flavor. The product is delicious as an appetizer, but also on a sandwich or in a salad.


Our plant-based chicken based on soy protein, sunflower oil and water has a soft bite and a natural chicken fillet flavour. The caramelised edge gives it that extra touch.

pepper salami

Our plant-based salami has the spiced flavour profile of a regular salami and a nice peppered crust.

paprika sausage

This plant-based cooked sausage is perfect for any savoury sandwich. The herbs and spices used give it a nice mild flavour and vibrant colour.


Yes, of course our Dutch icon has a plant-based alternative! This plant-based balogna has the same soft bite and flavour profile as our regular balogna. Perfect for your everyday sandwich.


our spreadable plant-based assortment

Next to a sliced deli assortment, we also wanted to provide supermarkets with a spreadable plant-based assortment. These plant-based alternatives come in nice round packages and are easy to spread on sandwiches or to use in other dishes.


spreadable sausage

This plant-based sausage has a high protein content and added vitamin B12 and iron. It is the perfect savoury meat alternative to spread on your everyday sandwich.

cooked sausage

This plant-based sausage has a mild flavour and a firm texture that holds up to easily cut it into bite-sized pieces. Perfect on sandwiches, a charcuterie board or as a snack.


Our plant-based pate was loved by our own staff from the first moment we made it. The herbs and spices we used give it a nice flavour that closely resembles the real thing.