let's go plant-based!


Encebe has a strong focus on consumer trends. One important trend we have been seing the past years is the rise of the flexitarians. In 2020, the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics found that 44,7% of Dutch consumers call themselves flexitarians. In 2021, the media claimed this has risen to over half of Dutch consumers that call themselves flexitarians. To play our part in a sustainable future, we have developed a new assortment for just these consumers. 100% plant-based!

After many trials, formulations, tastings and re-formulations we can finally present you with our own vegan assortment! In week 48 we will release our first vegan deli meat assortment to the Dutch retailers. This assortment consists of four sliced deli meats and three types of sausages.

The plant-based products

Our sliced selection consists of a bologna, a paprika sausage, a chicken fillet and a pepper salami. Next to that, we have a sliceable sausage, a spreadable sausage and a paté. All based on the real Dutch deli meat icons. All 100% plant-based.

Everything you need

Our plant-based deli meat assortment is based on soy protien. The high protein content in combination with the right herbs and spices and the added vitamin B12 give these products everything a consumer needs to replace their normal deli meats with a more sustainable alternative. Without conpromising on flavour of course!

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