true dutch icons


our true dutch icons

Our boterhamworst, cervelaat, leverkaas and palingworst are part of Dutch food culture. Though we’ve been making them for almost a century, these icons are changing. We are constantly developing ways to improve nutritional values, animal welfare, protein valorisation and to reduce our CO2 footprint.



This Dutch classic has fine structure, a soft bite and a pleasant, meaty colour. It is the perfect Dutch sandwich topping!

Ardennes balogna

This smoked Ardennes Balogna is the big brother of our traditional balogna. The same bite, but with a larger diameter and more intense flavour from smoking it on beechwood.

smoked sausage

This traditional, fine, smoked sausage is smoked on beechwood chips, imbuing it with a slightly spicy, smoky flavour. This smoked sausage is a true Dutch favorite.

smoked sausage slices

This product is sliced out of our traditional smoked sausage that was smoked on beechwood chips. Perfectly tasty as a meal component.

smoked sausages

This straight form of our traditional smoked sausage is excellent as a meal component in countless meals.

smoked salami

This salami is a spicy sausage with a fine texture. The spicy garlic flavour and the specific blend of herbs and spices make this the perfect tasty sausage for your lunch or with drinks.

salami cubes

Our slightly spicy salami is also available in cubes, to give every meal that flavourful Mediterranian spice.


This smoked dry sausage has its own distinctive character, produced by a specific blend of herbs and spices without garlic and the smoke from beechwood chips.

farmers cervelat

This dry sausage has its own distinctive character, produced by a specific blend of herbs and spices and the added beechwood smoke.


An original Dutch, smoked palingworst, or eel-style sausage, consisting of high-quality, lean pork forcemeat. This sausage has a lovely appearance and is low in fat. Perfect as a sandwich topping.


Chorizo is an originally Spanish sausage with a spicy flavour, bright red colour and a firm, coarse texture. This sausage spices up your drinks or meals.



This cooked ham is wonderfully flavoursome and juicy. It is one of our most beloved meats and can be used as a sandwich topping, as part of a meal or as a snack.

shoulder ham

This cooked shoulder ham is slightly firmer and darker than gammon. The sophisticated and carefully managed smoking process is what makes it beloved by many of our consumers.

ham cubes

Our gammon as well as out shoulder ham are available in cubes. The ideal tasty meal component!

breakfast bacon

This cured smoked pork belly is delicious for a fry up. We can produce it round or flat, but also in cubes or strips, making it the perfect meal component.

bacon strips

These bacon strips from cured and smoked pork belly serve perfectly to cook until crispy and use in countless meals. From the typical Dutch ‘stamppot’ to Italian spaghetti.

side bacon

This streaky bacon is cooked low and slow, before being smoked, which gives it that juicy mouthfeel with that classic smokey flavour.


We make this pickeled product from pork fillet, which we carefully brine and smoke. This method gives us the juicyness of a streaky bacon without the fat layer. Excellent for frying.

chicken breast

This healthy source of protein is soft and mildly flavoured. The cooked chicken breast is tender and has a delicious roasted flavour. Perfect as a sandwich topping, snack or accompanying drinks.



This smoked product is made with a high ratio of fresh livers, giving it that distinct colour and flavour. We produce it with a traditional rind and we can deliver it in every welfare standard.

liver cheese

Another Dutch classic: liver cheese. This product is made with a very high ratio of fresh livers and a distinctive bacon rind. A colour and flavour that are immediately recognizable for every Dutch kid and adult.

liver sausage

This smooth liver sausage is made with a very high ratio of fresh liver, giving this product a distinct colour and flavour. This liver sausage has a fine texture and is often eaten for lunch or with drinks.