our organic products

We are market leader in organic products. To promote sustainable eating patterns, we aim to make our organic products just as delicious as our regular products. Successfully. Because some of our organic products have been preferred over their regular counterparts by consumers.


smoked ham

This organic gammon has a wonderfully soft and tender taste. A juicy mouthfeel and nice, smokey flavour make this the perfect organic sandwich topping.


This organic yorkham is slow cooked and you can taste it! A wonderfully juicy and soft product with a natural ham flavour.

roasted ham

We first cook this organic ham, before grilling it. This makes it wonderfully soft and tender, but with the addition of that characteristic grilled taste.

roasted rib

This organic rib is cooked low and slow, before being grilled, giving it a tender and juicy bite with that characteristic grilled edge.

roasted bacon

For the roasted bacon we select the best parts of the pig. We use the belly and leave the rind on. During roasting, this rind becomes nice and crispy and gives off extra flavour.

breakfast bacon

This product is carefully brined and gently smoked. We make it from the fillet, to give it that juicy and tender bite.

smoked rib

By carefully selecting the best parts of the pig and handeling it the right way, we created the best-tasting breakfast bacon on the Dutch market, according to our consumers.


smoked sausage

A traditional smoked sausage made from high quality organic raw materials. The organic version of this famous Dutch classic!

grilled minced meat

This grilled minced meat had a tender bite and is mildly spiced. It boiled and then grilled, giving it a juicy texture and that characteristic grilled flavour. Another sandwich favourite.

grilled sausage

This organic grilled sausage is mildly seasoned and has a characteristic grill edge and grill taste. Delicious on bread, as a snack or with a drink.


The organic version of our original icon, the Dutch classic boterhamworst (balogna). Delicious on any sandwich, but also excellent as a snack.


The organic salami has a wonderfully fine structure and a firm bite with a slightly spicy garlic taste. Delicious on bread, on a pizza or with drinks.


chicken breast

This organic boiled chicken breast is a lean product and has a soft and mild taste. A perfectly sustainable and healthy way to dress your sandwich.

smoked chicken breast

This organic chicken breast is cooked and then smoked to give it a juicy texture and that characteristic smoked flavour. A lean and protein-packed product perfect for every sandwich.

chicken sausage

This organic grilled chicken sausage with a tender bite and fine seasoning is an all time favorite. The sausage is grilled, giving it that characteristic taste.