organic bacon



All Encebe products in supermarkets are tested monthly to assess quality and popularity. Encebe’s organic deli meats recently scored exceptionally well.

The aim of Encebe is to continuously improve the products in the baseline. To achieve this, products are tested every month. If there is a significant deviation in quality or if consumers simply do not care for the product, improvement is necessary. Tests are successful when product score better than those made by competitors or when the results are above a 7.

Organic meats

Encebe’s organic meats, available in Dutch retail, show enormous growth and potential. “Our hams and salami were recently tested with great results: they were just as good or even better than those of our competitors, or even those with the Dutch Beter-Leven certification, which is not strictly bound to organic ingredients”. “These products are becoming our icons! Consumers embrace the quality we deliver. This is an excellent basis to improve on in the coming months.”

A new champion

We have recently tested our organic bacon this way. The result: 68% of the respondents preferred our organic bacon in a blind taste test. We received a very high recognition of a 7,6 out of 10. Our organic bacon scored especially high on looks, flavor and aftertaste.

This means we can say that, next to our organic salami and organic yorkham, our organic bacon receives the best recognition from our consumers.